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CNCF Receives A Donation For Their Open Source Project DevSpace

The client-only, lightweight command-line interface can accept external contributions in a neutral environment thanks to the CNCF Sandbox. Today, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF),...

Open Source Kubernetes Virtual Cluster Project vcluster Now Runs On k0s

Loft Labs, a venture-backed startup working on developer tooling and platform technology for Kubernetes, today announced that the popular open source vcluster software is...

Loft Labs Raises $4.6 Million Seed Funding

Loft Labs is the creator of several popular open-source projects in the cloud-native technology space, including the Kubernetes developer tool DevSpace, the certified...

Loft Labs Announces Availability Of Open Source Project jsPolicy

The JavaScript execution in jsPolicy is based on Google’s high-performance V8 engine which is used in almost every modern browser JsPolicy makes policies...

Loft Labs Open-Sources Virtual Cluster Technology for Kubernetes

Companies can now launch lightweight, fast vclusters that are backed by a single Kubernetes cluster, which consolidates workloads Loft is used by platform...