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A Quick Look at Open Source Centralised Storage Solutions

Centralised network storage technologies improve the utilisation of disks and facilitate fast access of data. NAS and SAN storage solutions offer file-level and block-level...

The Best Open Source Software for Network Attached Storage

Network attached storage is a dedicated appliance used for file storage and sharing, which provides advanced functionalities for data storage, access and management. It...

nexenta: Bringing Enterprise Storage to the Open Source World

This article discusses some of the challenges and technologies related to data storage, and introduces the Nexenta Core Platform, which is an OS based...

Demystifying Backups

Backups are a crucial part of our digital lives, yet they don't always get the love they deserve. Keeping backups is sometimes confusing, thanks...

Storage Management using Openfiler, Part 1

Many companies use the file-sharing features of a popular proprietary desktop operating system. The main constraint is the limit on simultaneous connections to a...