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Creating a Backup with Rsync

Rsync is a Linux based tool used for backup and file recovery. In this article, we will see how to set it up in...

Using rsync to Back Up a System

Imagine you are trying to copy a large file to a remote server and the operation fails due to network connectivity. So you restart...

Rsync, the Remote-Update Utility

The Rsync utility greatly simplifies backup tasks. Its many options provide more control over the sync process. Rsync is one of the many tools...

WordPress on Nginx, Part 2: vhost, MySQL & APC Configurations

Last time around we made our Debian VPS ready with the LEMP recipe. Let's now configure the stack and migrate over the old WP...

Backups and More with rsync

Learn how to use this powerful utility that almost all experts use in their day-to-day work, to perform tasks like back-ups, and much more. The...

Save Bandwidth by Setting Up a Fedora Mirror

Presenting a step-by-step guide on how to set up a Fedora mirror.