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IIT Kanpur To Organise Entrepreneurial Conclave At Techkriti

Techkriti's Entrepreneurial Conclave is scheduled from 20th to 21st March Over 50 startups are participating in the first-ever startup expo Indian Institute of Technology...

Canarie Launches No-Cost Cloud Boosterpacks For Canadian Startups

At present, BoosterPacks will focus on Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and data analytics The funding for DAIR Cloud BoosterPacks is provided...

FOSS is __FUN__: FOSS Meets the MBA

How does FOSS development get along with business graduates who know little about the process? The FOSS methodology recognises that software development is a process...

Automate Your Office Yourself with ProcessMaker, Part 1

This article covers the basic setup and how to get started with ProcessMaker, an open source workflow automation software. This should interest small and...