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Devuan 1.0 brings Debian without systemd

  Open source group "Veteran Unix Admins" has finally shipped Devuan 1.0.0 as the first Debian fork without systemd. The open source project was originally...

A single Systemd command can cripple your Linux system

Despite the open availability of its code, hacking Linux platform is quite tough for novices. However, a short Systemd command has now emerged online...

Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) Final Beta Released!

The latest version of Ubuntu is powered by Linux kernel 4.2.1 and systemd 225 Canonical has announced the release of final beta of upcoming version...

Fedora 17 Review: It’s an Upstream Experience

Fedora 17 came out just last week. This is the first time I've installed it as a desktop in more than a year --...