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The Best Android Apps for Scientists


Resources that list the best Android apps for scientists are difficult to come by. The author shares a list of such apps, which he has put together over the years.
Scientists have the following basic requirements—news, information, tools and resources. So I’ve listed the apps I found useful under two broad categories.
News and information
TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design): Scientists learn from others’ mistakes, and are eager to know what others are doing. The TED app is for scientists and tech enthusiasts—it lets people access more than 1200 talks by some of the world’s most remarkable people.
Price: Free
Link: http://bit.ly/wD2xof
PhysORG.com Science News Lite: This gets you the latest updates in the fields of physics, medicine, nanotechnology, electronics, space, earth sciences, biology, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, mathematics, etc.
Price: Free
Link: http://bit.ly/IT9dPu
New Scientists: This is for those interested in the latest advancements in science and technology. It is currently in beta.
Price: Free
Link: http://bit.ly/KVKSJB
Tools and resources
Elements 2.0: This is where you’ll find the periodic table with a better layout. It gives you the atomic radius, melting point, appearance and other characteristics of each element.
Price: Free
Link: http://bit.ly/JaCFXe

AgileSciTools: Here’s a calculator for those doing research in biological sciences. It includes functions to determine molarity dilutions, cell dilutions, MOI calculations and primer re-suspension volumes.
Price: Free
Link: http://bit.ly/KVKWZR
mSecure Password Manager: You can use this to safely store passwords and private information. This app safeguards website logins, bank accounts and credit cards, protecting your reputation, identity and finances.
Price: Rs 529 approximately
Link: http://bit.ly/L0lXtY
OpenOffice Document Reader: Android’s first OpenOffice/LibreOffice Document Reader. View your documents on the go. It’s simple, fast, light-weight and well integrated.
Price: Free
Link: http://bit.ly/JaCIT7
RealCalc Plus: Here’s a full-featured scientific calculator. Its key features include traditional algebraic or RPN operations, fraction calculations and conversion to/from decimals, degrees/minutes/seconds calculations and conversion, result history, etc.
Price: Rs 170 approximately
Link: http://bit.ly/IrJoZu

Scientific Calculator: If you have limited use for such a device and want a free scientific calculator with only a few features, this app is for you. Besides basic calculations, you can do trigonometric, logarithmic and factorial operations.
Price: Free
Link: http://bit.ly/J3AEer

Smooth Calendar: There are many calendar applications in Google Play, but I find the simple Smooth Calendar widget easy to use when compared to the design and UIs of other apps. It also is in sync with Google Calendar, Exchange and Facebook.
Price: Free
Link: http://bit.ly/Kjk5dw
If you are a scientist and are not able to find a suitable app for any one of your particular needs, let me help you. Mail me your queries (address below).



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