Poll Results: Common Myths about Software Developers


chartWelcome back to the poll results where we let our readers know which way the votes went, on the hottest topics in the open source domain. Few days back, we asked our readers, ‘Vote for the most common myth that you have heard about Software Development and Developers’. 94 of our readers responded to the poll and it was interesting to see the results were more or less, evenly split.
The common myth that topped the list was ‘Programming is just for geeks’ as 32 percent of our readers voted in favour of this choice.

The second topmost myth that drew lots of votes was ‘Software development is all about coding’. 30 percent if the poll takers chose to go with this option.

24 percent of the readers voted for the myth ‘ You need to master any one programming language to be a good software developer’.

Last but not the least, only 14 percent chose to go with ‘Men are more successful programmers than women’
Once again, we’d like to thank our readers for their response and enthusiasm. Watch out for this space for more updates.


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