Linux Kernel 4.2 RC8 Now Available For Download!


Keeping up to his regular schedule of Sunday releases, Linus Torvalds, the father of Linux, announced the availability of the eight and last Release Candidate (RC) of the upcoming Linux 4.2 kernel. The Linux Kernel 4.2 RC8 is now available for download and testing.

Making an announcement about the release, Torvalds wrote,

“So 4.2-rc8 is out, and that obviously means that I ended up deciding to chicken out after all, and delay the 4.2 release one week. It’s not like there are any real outstanding issues, and I waffled between just doing the release and doing another -rc. But we did have another low-level x86 issue come up this week, and together with the fact that a number of people are on vacation, I decided that waiting an extra week isn’t going to hurt. But it was close. It’s a fairly small rc8, and I really feel like it could have gone either way. So RC8 isn’t a big rc, and most of it is actually, some last-minute reverts for stuff that just wasn’t quite ready. Mostly drivers, with some networking, an x86 fix, and a smattering of perf tooling fixes. The shortlog gives an overview of the details.”

The final version of Linux Kernel 4.2 is likely to arrive by the end of August. It should be noted that this is a pre-release version of the kernel and is not suitable for production use.


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