Fedora 24 Beta released to take Linux to new levels



Fedora 24 Beta comes in three variants that all include glibc 2.23 and GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 6. The final build of Fedora 24 will be available for select systems starting June 14.

Red Hat has released Fedora 24 Beta as the next version of its free and open source Fedora operating system. The new release is aimed to take Linux to new levels by enabling superior experiences on cloud, server and workstation.

Fedora 24 Beta comes in three different variants to meet specific use cases, namely Fedora 24 Cloud Beta, Fedora 24 Server Beta and Fedora 24 Workstation Beta. All the three variants are based on the same set of base packages and include glibc 2.23 as well as GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 6 for improved performance. Additionally, the packages come with a new compiler and some minor bug fixes and package tweaks.

Fedora 24 Cloud Beta

Fedora 24 Cloud Beta includes OpenShift Origin, which works as a Kubernetes distribution optimised for application development and deployment. Th cloud version also comes as the foundation for Fedora Atomic Host that has package enhancements and bug fixes in addition to a new “developer mode” along with Cockpit’s tmux session.

Fedora 24 Server Beta

To enhance the existing flexibility on the servers, Fedora 24 Server Beta has FreeIPA4.3. The community has also got a smaller Fedora Server footprint to ease the overall installation process of the open source operating system.

Fedora 24 Workstation Beta

Apart from package and component tweaks similar to its cloud and server variants, Fedora 24 Workstation Beta sports a preview of GNOME 3.20. This new desktop environment is the latest iteration in the GNOME family. The workstation Fedora variant also has Wayland display server protocol that is projected to debut as the default graphics server on the future Fedora versions.

You can download any of the three Fedora variants directly from its website to experience all the new features. However, if you don’t want to face issues of a beta version, you can wait for the final Fedora 24 till June 14.


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