An indestructible SSD with up to 1TB storage now official

Indestructible SSD

Indestructible SSD

While companies like Western Digital and Seagate are busy fighting each other, Austria-based Angelbird Technologies played on the frontfoot and brought its first-ever indestructible SSD (solid state drive) that can resist shock damages. The new storage drive comes in a variety of storage options starting from 256GB to 512GB and 1TB.

Called the Angelbird SSD2Go PKT, the new SSD packs in a robust case that is claimed to support immense forces. The drive is touted to support even the weight of a truck rolling over it. Also, it comes with a proprietary Solid Connect technology to protect the cable connector and prevent breaks at the receptacle and the cable plug.

Angelbird SSD PKT
Angelbird SSD2Go PKT comes in multiple color options and sports a robust case

“The Angelbird PKT is a life saver and game changer for any photographer that has to deal with huge amounts of raw data while travelling abroad,” says photographer and filmmaker Gunther Wegner.

The new SSD2Go PKT weighs around 50 grams and comes in a thin package that has merely 9.5mm thickness. In addition to its sturdy build, the SSD can withstand temperatures of up to -40°C and +85°C.

Angelbird Technologies, the company which is based in Lustenau town of Austria, has provided its Trim 2 Go and Stable Stream technologies to let users perform their operations at 68,000 IOPS and with the speed of up to 560MB/s. Moreover, the USB 3.1 generation Type-C compatible drive comes bundled with a Type-A to Type-C cable and a Type-C to Type-C cable.


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