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Asttecs expands global footprint with new offices in Africa



Asttecs has announced that it has expanded its footprint in Africa by launching its local offices in Ghana and Botswana. The enterprise telecom company also has plans to extend its reach to countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Bengaluru-headquartered Asttecs is aimed to deliver open source solutions in some of the main African markets to cater the demand of organisations across multiple verticals in the continent. Also, the company is set to develop its partner eco-system to increase market penetration in the worldwide markets.

“We are focusing significantly on developing our partner eco-system for increased market penetration across the globe and as part of the global expansion programme, Asttecs is strengthening its presence in recognition of the huge potential of the African market,” said Binish VJ, head – international business, Asttecs, in a statement. “Our business strategy in Africa focuses on understanding the specific needs of the customers and delivering cutting edge solutions, especially in the enterprise communications segments.”

Asttecs considers that extensive development of communications infrastructure and changing business and ICT trends have brought new opportunities in African countries. Therefore, the company finds a way to expand its presence and offer a broad range of its cost-effective, flexible and versatile communication solutions.

Through the power of open source and IP, Asttecs develops enterprise solutions. It has Asterisk dialler and various other open source communication solutions that result in efficient operations with lower TCO yielding quick return on investment.



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