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OpenStack gets high availability through Platform9 to rival VMware


OpenStack high availability

Cloud infrastructure provider Platform9 has announced that OpenStack users will now get high availability capability on their deployments. This new support comes to both traditional and cloud-native workloads and aims to counter VMware.

Similar to the workload experience on VMware vSphere, Platform9 allows its OpenStack clients to run high availability across all workloads. Traditional apps that require support from the infrastructure layer can utilise the new development and let enterprise customers run production workloads directly on their OpenStack technologies.

“High availability is fundamental to enterprise customers looking to run production workloads on OpenStack. Given the massive demand we’ve seen from enterprise customers, we are excited to provide a solution with the industry’s first High Availability capability for both traditional and scale-out workloads,” said Madhura Maskasky, co-founder and vice president of product at Platform9, in a statement.

Platform9’s high availability arranges the recovery of workloads running on a server if it fails in a zone of availability like a rack or data centre. Additionally, scale-out workloads that auto-scaling groups spawned in the past can be distributed across availability zones.

The high availability support is available within Platform9 Managed OpenStack Enterprise Edition. Developers can access its code directly from a GitHub repository to expand their existing projects.



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