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Open Source Arlon Is Now Available

With a single unified architecture, Arlon connects workload and infrastructure management. An effective declarative policy-driven framework for the entire cloud-native stack is now available...

Platform9 Joins Intel’s Open Retail Initiative To Drive Digital Transformation

Platform9, the provider of multi-cloud Kubernetes as a service, joined Intel's Open Retail Initiative (ORI) and launched a new software-defined store solution. Designed to...

Platform9 Launches Platform9 Managed KubeVirt

KubeVirt VMs are created in Platform9 Managed Kubernetes (PMK) clusters and can be managed using the same centralized SaaS management plane The company...

Platform9 Appoints Diane Bryant To Its Board of Directors

Bryant is currently the Chairman and CEO of the healthcare AI company NovaSignal Bryant received her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from UC...

Managed Kubernetes by Platform9 helps DevOps focus on solve business problems

Platform9, which is highly popular for its open source-as-a-service offerings, has launched the industry-first Managed Kubernetes service. This new development brings the ease of...

OpenStack gets high availability through Platform9 to rival VMware

Cloud infrastructure provider Platform9 has announced that OpenStack users will now get high availability capability on their deployments. This new support comes to both...