Amazon pushes an updated Linux Machine Image to EC2 users



Amazon has updated Amazon Linux Machine Image (AMI) for all current-generation Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance types. Amazon Web Services is maintaining the Linux AMI for easy integration and use on EC2.

The 2016.09 Linux AMI supports all the significant EC2 features. It comes with Python 3.5 along with pip and virtualenv packages. In addition, the new version brings stable Nginx 1.10 release. A large number of customers had requested Amazon to integrate a stable Nginx within Linux AMI.

Amazon has provided PostgreSQL 9.5 as a separate package. There is also an Amazon SSM Agent to help users easily run and configure command scripts on EC2 instances.

You can upgrade an existing EC2 instance on your system by running $ sudo yum clean all and $ sudo yum update commands in the Bash. Once the new AMI is successfully installed, your Linux system needs a reboot to offer you a fresh experience.


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