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Linux Lite 3.2 to support dual-booting with other distributions

Linux Lite

Linux Lite

The team behind the Linux Lite distribution is in plans to encourage more users to opt for its open source offering. Thus, it is developing Linux Lite 3.2 with a dual-boot feature.

Linux Lite 3.2 will enable GNU GRUB (GRand Unified Bootloader) to its default state to handle two different operating systems or even two Linux distributions. This new functionality is primarily targeting at various Linux distributions and lets users deploy Linux Lite alongside other Linux distributions as well as Windows operating system.

“In Linux Lite 3.2, I will default back to the way Grub handles other operating systems,” writes Jerry Bezencon, creator of Linux Lite, in a forum post. “I am unsure of the outcome of this, and I will revert to placing Windows to the fore in 3.4 if it does not all work out. So in 3.2, LL should play nicely with other operating systems, time will tell.”

Linux Lite was already supporting dual-boot with Windows. However, the new change is aimed to bring the same support for various Linux distributions as well.

“The new changes are to ensure Linux Lite ‘plays nice’ with other distros as well as it had in the past with Windows,” Bezencon told Open Source For You in an email interaction.

The beta version of Linux Lite 3.2 will be available sometime in the middle or late October. But its final version will be released on November 1.

The launch of the new Linux Lite distribution would open new avenues for many Linux and Windows users to take a step into the world of lighter Linux, without leaving their existing platform to play.

The story has been updated with the email statement of Jerry Bezencon.



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