PiBakery allows you to quickly set up Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

A new tool simplifies all the efforts of setting up Raspberry Pi. Called PiBakery, the block based app helps you configure Raspberry Pi installation while copying it simply to your SD card.

David Ferguson, a 17-year old student from Scotland, has created PiBakery as a crafty program. It includes a customised version of Raspbian with some necessary software tweaks to make it easy for you to set up the single-board computer.

The procedure to set up Raspberry Pi has always been simple but, it is often time-consuming. A user needs to build all the components, case and devices. After that, the operating system is required to be installed using SD card and then some network terminals and download software give you the platform for your DIY projects.

Instead, PiBakery tool helps you with easy customisation of a standard Rasbian image. It is a block-based interface so you can join the blocks to write the installation program. The tool does not require the user to have any Linux experience. You can drag and drop the blocks in the right order. It works similar to a visual programming tool, Scratch.

PiBakery lets you easily begin with your Raspberry Pi through a simple interface

The PiBakery app is available for Windows and Mac. Its Linux version will also soon be released.

Tools like PiBakery save the pain of manually configuring network connectivity including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. You can configure the Rasbian image to connect to a Wi-Fi network as soon as you switch on your Raspberry Pi for the first time.

Users are given a huge advantage of storing all blocks and setup tasks on GitHub. It can help you share the Rasbian configuration image with others.


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