IBM launches its AI-powered data analytics platform



IBM has launched its new platform called Project DataWorks that enables AI-powered decision making. The cloud-based data and analytics platform is the industry’s first to integrate all types of data and provide business leaders and data professionals the ability to govern and secure data.

Businesses nowadays understand the importance and value of data and its analysis. However, analysing data and making some sense out of it can be complex. There are highly advanced business analytical tools available today. But these technologies can be used only by skilled data professionals.

Contrarily, IBM’s Project DataWorks is specially designed for business professionals to let them derive insights from the data easily. The platform provides features to collaborate and work on an integrated platform, share datasets and models in a secure and governed manner.

“We know that clients spend up to 80 percent of their time on data preparation, no matter the task, even when they are preparing to take advantage of today’s advanced AI and machine learning approaches,” said Bob Picciano, senior vice president, IBM Analytics. “Project DataWorks helps transform this challenge by tapping into cognitive capabilities to integrate all data sources on one common platform, enabling individuals to get the data ready for insight and action, faster than ever before.”

IBM has deployed Project DataWorks on its cloud platform Bluemix. Professionals can also leverage other innovative solutions that are already available on Bluemix such as Apache Spark, IBM Data Science Experience and IBM Watson Analytics.

The platform has integrated cognitive-based machine learning to speed up the process from data discovery to the model deployment process. IBM has spent quite a long time in examining the currently available platforms and its usage patterns.

IBM is experimenting on newly derived methodologies to help clients obtain full benefits of its innovative solutions. IBM’s DataFirst Method is supposed to help organisations test skills and design roadmap-based on cognitive insights from the data.


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