Open source YetaWF brings custom web development experience


open source YetaWF tool

Enabling easy development of websites, programmer productivity tools maker Softel vdm has launched its YetaWF. The open source toolkit is designed to offer speed, efficiency and minimalist administration and enables a custom web development experience.

Pronounced “Yet Another Web Framework”, YetaWF is in development from the last six years and is still available as a beta version. The framework is powered by ASP.Net MVC 5 and integrates with Visual Studio to offer BREAD (Browse, Read, Edit, Add and Delete) capabilities. Also, there is a client-side plugin with JQuery and Ajax to give developers automated features.

“YetaWF excels as a platform for rapid custom development by building the most powerful tools into one seamless package,” said Mike van der Meulen, lead developer at Softel vdm, in a statement. “Our new open source web framework narrowly focuses on offering 100 percent of the features that will satisfy most average websites.”

Site administrators can utilise the easy upgrade utility given by Softel vdm to keep their websites up to date in an automated manner. Additionally, YetaWF works remotely even through phone or tablet to provide tools like user/role authorisation and general site management.


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