Mozilla supports four open source projects with $300,000 award



Mozilla is known for investing large sum to support open source through its Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) programme. And in the third quarter of this year, the company has awarded more than $300,000 through the same initiative.

The web browser maker has supported four major projects. One of them was a text-to-speech style component called Speech Rule Engine. This component uses a mathematical and scientific algorithm to improve the accessibility of the content. Mozilla gave $56,000 to this project.

Review Board, the tool to ease the process of reviewing source code on the internet, was awarded $50,000. Another project, a data visualization tool — Redash, received the fund of $100,000 from MOSS. The company gave another $100,000 to Kae, the successor of ISC DHCP codebase. This project eases the allocation of IP addresses on the network.

Mozilla has claimed to have spent the largest sum on Track 1 Foundation Technology, the project that company has already been in use.

Application window for the next batch of potential projects is opened until November this year. You can apply for them online and get benefitted from next SOS audit.


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