Google launches Cloud Machine Learning Group to foster AI practices


artificial intelligence through Google Cloud Machine Learning Group

Google has launched its Cloud Machine Learning Group. The initiative is designed to create a community of developers around cloud-based machine learning and encourage artificial intelligence (AI) practices.

Led by Fei-Fei Li and Jia Li, Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Group is aimed to help developers acquire the skills for cloud-based machine learning. The search giant has also introduced a new hardware compatibility to let developers accelerate their workloads.

“Building a centralised team within Google Cloud will accelerate our ability to deliver machine learning products and services to enterprise customers in every industry,” said Rob Craft, lead for Google Cloud Machine Learning.

Alongside the new machine learning initiative, Google has been working on a new model to solve various problems related to recruitment. Called Google Cloud Jobs API, the platform is designed for recruiters and job-seekers. Companies like Jibe, Dice and CareerBuilder have already adopted this development. Further, the latest machine learning-based model promises to help you find right careers. It also helps businesses find great employees.

Google is also in development to support more hardware options through its Cloud platform. Initially, Google Cloud will support the use of graphics processing units (GPUs) for handling more complex machine learning projects. You would also get option to use GPUs with Google Cloud Machine Learning and Google Compute Engine from early 2017.


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