MongoDB 3.4 targets at enterprises with next-gen data technologies

MongoDB 3.4

MongoDB 3.4

MongoDB has upgraded its open source data offering and released MongoDB 3.4. This new platform has advanced data management features to focus sharply on enterprise customers.

The latest MongoDB brings native graph analytics and faceted navigation as well as includes paradigms to enable deeper monitoring for sectors like e-commerce and cybersecurity. Also, there is a fresh SQL interface to improve existing performance and ease the setup process alongside enabling in-house support for Windows platform.

“This new release redefines what it means to be the state-of-the-art database technology and enables innovators to build and run more mission-critical workloads on MongoDB,” said Dev Ittycheria, president and CEO, MongoDB, in a statement.

Apart from the enhanced analytics and newest interface, MongoDB 3.4 comes with an updated MongoDB Connector for Apache Spark to support the recently launched Spark 2.0. There are also “always-on” features through Zones database partitioning capability and faster elastic operations.

The MongoDB team has provided Compass GUI with full CRUD features to edit documents, create and apply document validation rules, visualise plans for exploring query performance and real-time index usage statistics. Also, the release simplifies private cloud deployments through Server Pools and Cloud Foundry integration. These features were anticipated by database administrators and operation teams.

“It is exciting to see what is coming in MongoDB 3.4. Super high performance and elastic scaling across a massive data set to make MongoDB 3.4 an even better fit for our mission-critical applications,” Baidu’s DevOps engineer Beibei Xiao stated while praising the update.

MongoDB 3.4 will be available in early December. Developers can use MongoDB Atlas to access the updates.


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