SUSE Enterprise Storage gets advanced with CephFS



SUSE has expanded its commercial presence by launching SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES) 4. This new open source storage solution brings CephFS to offer customers “large data” management and deliver a cost-effective option to fulfill their diversifying business needs.

Based on the Ceph Jewel, SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 works on a resilient and scalable storage model (RADOS) through clusters of commodity hardware. There is also RADOS object gateway (RGW) that gives a more secure solution for storing sensitive data than any previous SES. Further, the company considers that its latest solution is highly capable of handling “unstructured” data.

“IT departments are finding they need to handle growing amounts of unstructured data while they are tasked with increasing innovation and reducing costs. SUSE Enterprise Storage helps them do exactly that with open source technology backed by one of the brightest and most reliable providers in the world,” said Gerald Pfeifer, SUSE vice president of products and technology programs, in a statement.

SES 4 is the storage solution with CephFS. However, Red Hat brought CephFS as a concept with the release of Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 in June this year.

With the advanced Ceph offering, the current SES is the best-fit for a variety of applications. It can be deployed for video surveillance, CCTV, online presence, streaming media, medical imaging, CAD and virtual machine storage. Also, the platform has support for hyper-scale customers using 64-bit ARM systems.

OpenATTIC power

Alongside bringing SES 4 to the enterprise market, SUSE has announced the acquisition of some specific software-defined storage management assets from it-novum. This includes openATTIC, the open source Ceph and storage management frame.

The latest acquisition will help SUSE accelerate the use of openATTIC as an advanced management framework for its enterprise storage solution. Enterprises would ultimately get simpler, more cost-effective enterprise storage management solutions for their operations.


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