Red Hat’s OpenShift now on Google Cloud

Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat has expanded OpenShift by announcing its dedicated presence on Google Cloud Platform. The open source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) was previously offering cloud support on Amazon Web Services.

With OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Platform, enterprise customers can build, launch and manage their applications right on Google’s cloud solution. The new offering also enables users to speed adoption of Docker containers and Kubernetes as well as brings advanced cloud-native application patterns.

“By expanding OpenShift Dedicated to now include Google Cloud Platform, our customers’ apps that run on OpenShift Dedicated can also take advantage of Google Cloud Services, furthering our vision for a truly portable platform across multiple cloud and infrastructure platforms,” said Ashesh Badani, vice president and general manager, OpenShift, Red Hat, in a joint statement.

Red Hat has confirmed that OpenShift Dedicated is built on the same code base as the original Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. This enables customers to move their workloads across public and private clouds with ease. Moreover, the container platform itself is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The prime benefit of opting OpenShift Dedicated is its integration with Google Cloud services including Google Cloud PubSub, Big Query and Cloud Big Table. The platform can also now work across all six regions where Google Cloud is available. Additionally, there are administrative and security controls to enable customisable and secure experience on cloud environments using VPN and Google Virtual Private Cloud functions.

“Customers consistently tell us that they are looking for open solutions that will enable them to use both public and private infrastructure; they want choice. Red Hat has been an essential partner in making Kubernetes available to enterprises looking for the support and flexibility to manage a hybrid cloud,” said Nan Boden, head of technology partners, Google Cloud.

Red Hat is set to support customers migrate container workloads, adopt continuous delivery and DevOps processes and build microservices-based apps on Google Cloud using its OpenShift Dedicated. Further, the open source provider will offer technical consultants to encourage customers to opt the latest development.

Interestingly, the new announcement comes days after Red Hat announced comprehensive JBoss Middleware support for OpenShift. That support extended OpenShift that already offers 66 percent faster application delivery times alongside enabling $1.29 million in annual benefits per 100 application processes, as revealed in a recent IDC report.

Enterprise customers can access OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Platform using a valid Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform subscription.


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