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Intel’s Clear Linux to bring Steam integration for gaming

Clear Linux

Clear Linux

Gaming on Linux was already taken to another level by SteamOS. But now Intel is all set to integrate Steam into its Clear Linux to make the existing gaming experience even better.

Intel’s open source technology center has been working on Clear Linux distribution for a long time. The distribution is specifically designed to bring the best of Linux on Intel-powered hardware and targeted at workstation and server computing. However, apart from enabling enterprises with its open source offering, the chip maker has now started working on improving the Steam support.

Clear Linux comes with the latest Mesa stack that has Vulkan drivers. Notably, the distribution offers accelerated graphics but currently lacks the support for dedicated graphics.

This means that you cannot use Radeon or NVIDIA drivers. But this might not be a scene in the coming future, and you can soon expect the support dedicated graphics.

In the meantime, you can play Steam OpenGL/Vulkan games that are not requiring high-end graphics on Clear Linux.

Linux-backed SteamOS presently has the largest library of games. More than 2,000 Linux games were released on the platform last year. This count could be expanded with the developments like Clear Linux.


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