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OpenSUSE Linux debuts on Windows 10

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Now you can install OpenSUSE Linux on your Windows 10 subsystem. This new support has surfaced from the latest Windows Insider Preview release to help you access the open source platform right from your Windows 10 system.

Microsoft has been contributing to open source lately. The company’s plans regarding Bash on Windows 10 began ample of new opportunities for open source contributors. Many of us have been using Windows and Linux simultaneously since ages. But there are certain difficulties while running and accessing both the operating systems at the same time.

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Running Linux in a virtual environment has been possible but, it comes with its own set of problems. Therefore, Microsoft and SUSE indirectly enabled an easy way to bring Linux to the Windows world.

Hannes Kuhnemund, a senior product manager for SUSE Enterprise Linux, has published a step by step guide to help you install SUSE within Windows Subsystem.

“Assuming that you are running Windows 10 already, there are simple steps you have to follow to install a SUSE Linux distribution inside WSL (Windows Subsystem Linux),” writes Kuhnemund, in a blog post.

Users first need to enable Windows Subsystem for Linux and then an OpenSUSE Docker userspace enables the unique experience. Notably, things have been quite easier since Windows lets you access Bash shell.

You can follow the process mentioned in the post to learn the development.

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Rajat Kabade
Rajat Kabade
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