8 Xcode 8 extensions that will enhance your Swift experience



Extensions are a great way of making a developer’s life easy. Whether you are a freelancer or employed with an iPhone application company, all you need are some extensions to take care of the complex tasks at hand so that you can focus on more trivial things.

Extensions basically are syntaxes that have been modified to serve a purpose. They can enhance or limit a class or structure but cannot be used to undo an existing set function. An extension can work in a number of ways.

This article focuses on the available extensions that perform a variety of functions to ease some common tasks. So here is our comprehensive list of some smart Xcode 8 extensions that can be of immense use and can help save time and effort.

xTextHandler: This extension offers a Swift version and also a version for Objective-C separately. This can be used to edit text preferences. You can change color, format, or make use of features that allow you to handle text in various ways.

SwiftLint: To err is human and to get it corrected effortlessly is divine. That is exactly what SwiftLint offers. It is based on the style guide from the developers and helps in correcting the errors made during coding.

Duplicate Line: Coding is all about finding the best possible shortcuts to save time. Writing codes can be a tedious task, and if you have an extension that can quickly duplicate what you have written previously, it can be of great help.

Strimmer: Who does not like a neat looking file that is free from all the whitespace created by trail. A simple extension like strimmer can remove that whitespace within seconds and give you a clean file to work on.

XCodeWay: While working on a file, you might need access to a lot of other required folders. One easy way to access these is through the XCodeWay extension which offers quick access to a drop down list.

Emojify SourceEditor: This extension is a great way to convert text to related emoticon by a simple selection and opting for emojify. Although it is limited to converting only words like love, graduation, and happy, there seems to be a lot more coming up.

Jump: This extension allows the developer to move from one to another with ease. Jump as of now allows to go up and down 2 or 5 lines. There are other extensions like Jumpy will do the same thing as this extension.

Xcode Search: We all often use search while coding and there is no better way to search than to have an extension take care of it with a few simple clicks. This extension is a great way to take care of replacements.

Create your own extension

As an iPhone application company, you might use Swift for a number of clients and to make things easy you might need extensions for a variety of purpose. The extensions listed above are just of the many extensions available to Xcode 8. If the kind of extension, you are looking for is not available in this list, then you can create your extensions for easing your future work or to say the work of the fellow developers. This has been possible because Xcode 8 supports source editor extensions. Creating extensions is an art, but a little bit of research and effort can make you a popular name. You can contribute as a company and even as an individual.


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