JavaScript apps can now be self-protecting and resilient against code tampering


Arxan Application Protection for JavaScript

Application security company Arxan Technologies has developed a new technology that adds a layer of protection to JavaScript apps. Called Arxan Application Protection, the fresh development works with all JavaScript-powered apps, no matters whether they are web apps or designed for iOS and Android devices.

Arxan’s patented Application Protection technology converts your original codebase to a secure form. The technology can make the code unreadable by hackers, while the intelligent guard defines your code at runtime in the browser.

“Our new product will enable enterprises to protect their applications and services containing JavaScript code, allowing apps to run safely anywhere, inside and outside of a firewall,” says Sam Rehman, CTO of Arxan Technologies, in a statement.

Arxan Technologies aims to prevent IP theft and compliance risk using the technology. The Arxan Application Protection solution is touted to work well for JavaScript-based hybrid Android and iOS apps as well as webpages. Further, the San Francisco-based company claims to protect images and finances of brands using the technology.

Protects and secures experience

Alongside self-protecting JavaScript apps and making them resilient against code tampering, Arxan Application Protection for JavaScript protects the code against reverse-engineering and secures cryptographic keys, sensitive data and communication with server APIs. The solution is compatible with ES5 and ES6 standards and supports Cordova/Phonegap as well as Node.js. Also, there is an API to let developers integrate the proprietary technology to build automation.

The technology behind the protection app is said to be tested for mission-critical apps, software development kits and APIs. This also includes the protection of IoT devices considering the number of DDoS attacks on IoT in last few years.


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