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You might feel pride when you tell people that you are an app developer. But it is more fulfilling when your app is successful and can provide for you financially even when you have no other job or source of income.

App developers always hope to build an app that will be widely used and feed them for the rest of their lives if possible. So, they do not have to work another day except it is to make new and improved mobile apps.

There is no guideline that app developers can follow to make their app a certified success. If there were, all app developed would have been successful by now. However, there are certainly some things you should avoid when creating an app.

Things you should avoid creating you app

Do not design another social network

Social networks are meant for socialising; and for an app to be called a social network, it needs to have at least a few hundred users in its base. Building the user base of your social network is going to be hard work especially at the beginning. As nobody likes a party with less than ten people, nobody wants to join a social network with less than ten users.

A social media app is the one that pays over time, but it is not a good way to mark success for a novice developer. As a young developer, you should start with something simple and less tasking and then grow into the bigger ones with the experience and fan base.

Do not do it all by yourself

It is advisable to delegate a part of the work or hire a professional app developer to work on challenging parts. It is important that you do not do everything yourself. Focus only on your specialty.

The people you delegate your graphics and sound should also have to be professionals in their fields. Also, carry out investigations on their previous jobs to make sure they are the best for the job.

Do not hide your ideas from people who can help you

Getting a great idea is just the first step to making a groundbreaking mobile app. You might not understand it properly, or how would it work for your success. It is hard to build something you do not get it, and at the same time, you may be worried about the idea being stolen from you. This is a dilemma faced regularly. Do not worry. Your idea is safe because you alone know the techniques behind the idea. Plus, most app developers are busy enough with their projects. Even when the idea is stolen just make sure you are the first to announce the app.

Do not play with business

It is important to know the right things to do and when to do them. Do not try to be overzealous and start doing unnecessary things like scheduling meetings to ask someone if they can do graphics for your app. It is irrelevant and a waste of precious time. You can quickly make a phone call to confirm that or send an email. And at the same time, try to make it easy and comfortable for others to do business with you all the time.

Do not shy away from using simpler methods

When creating your app, there would be different ways to get it done. It is not necessary you follow the most challenging route. So as long as the method gives the same result, whether hard or simple, use it. Using the hard method proves nothing.


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