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AstCRM starts delivering open source CRM to Indian enterprises

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ITecs, the company behind community-backed communication solution Asttecs, has expanded its market presence by bringing AstCRM. The new offering is aimed to provide Indian enterprises with an open source CRM solution.

Launched back in March, AstCRM includes a suite of applications that includes lead management, contact management, account management, ticket management, role management and activity management. The solution leverages its built-in workflows and actionable insights to match the needs and requirements of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in the country.

“As organisations prioritise customer engagement and retention, we are keen to make our open source-based CRM solution even more widely available, while helping organisations boost efficiency, reduce costs and propel their businesses forward,” said Manjunath RJ, CEO, AstCRM, in a statement.

AstCRM is touted to be “highly dynamic and flexible” to suit the requirements of each verticle, starting from hospitality and healthcare to education and real estate. The solution provides consumer insights and trends to managers in a real time.

The launch of AstCRM brings Bengaluru-based ITecs to the arena that already has Odoo and SuiteCRM as the open source solutions. Also, it would give a tough competition to proprietary options like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.



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