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CrateDB 2.0 brings cluster upgrades and SQL improvements

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Crate.io has released CrateDB 2.0 in both open source and enterprise versions. The new update comes with clustering upgrades and SQL improvements along with enterprise-focused features such as authentication and authorisation of the data stored.

The latest CrateDB has simplified managing data generated by machine applications. There is an all new index structure for range queries, geospatial queries and queries on IP address data types. Also, the database solution now supports sub-selection, aggregation on joins and table indexing and renaming.

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For the enterprise users, the development team has heavily improved the security. There is an enhanced security experience via authentication that you can find right in the new CrateDB Enterprise version. The CrateDB team has also provided new user-defined functions using SQL/JavaScript.

Notably, CrateDB 2.0 Enterprise Edition is available with database performance monitoring capabilities that comes through a new CrateDB Admin UI. The there is also third-party monitoring support available via JMX integration.

Managed service for IoT innovations

Alongside the new open source and enterprise builds, CrateDB 2.0 also comes as a managed service. It can easily offload database administration and save your time.

“CrateDB 2.0 contains many customer-driven enhancements, and our team is excited to continue breaking new ground in machine data during the months and years ahead,” said Christian Lutz, CEO of Crate.io.

The open source version of CrateDB 2.0 is available for free – without any licensing requirement. However, if you are looking for its enterprise counterpart, you need to buy its license.

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Rajat Kabade
Rajat Kabade
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