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Linux 4.11.1 enhances networking stack and hardware architectures



Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the first point release of Linux 4.11 series. The new release ensures improved stability and performance as well as upgrades the existing networking stack.

Two weeks after the announcement of the new series by Linus Torvalds, Linux 4.11.1 has debuted as the latest stable kernel. The first point release does not have any major updates. However, it still includes 56 file changes, 204 deletions and 374 insertions.

Among the major changes, you can find the improved networking stack as the major new change within Linux 4.11.1. It is specific to IPv4 and IPv6. There are also updated networking drivers for Ethernet, USB, wireless, PHY and GENEVE network encapsulation protocol.

Architecture related changes

Additionally, the Linux developers have brought some minor changes to ARM, ARM64, SPARC64 and x86 hardware architecture. The development team has also fixed some minor USB and Xen drivers within Linux 4.11.1 and addressed the issues reported against Samsung’s F2FS file system.

All the users of Linux 4.11 series are recommended to upgrade to the latest point release. Its source tarball is available for access on the kernel.org website.



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