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Hadoop big data career opportunities


Yahoo launched Hadoop back in 2008, but the ecosystem and framework are today managed by Apache Software Foundation, which is a nonprofit and global community of the software developers. The open-source Hadoop framework is designed to store huge amounts of data and can process it in a short time. The cost effectiveness (through low-cost servers), flexibility and fault-tolerance of the framework are appreciated and recognised widely. Also, the technology is quite scalable as well. It is estimated that Hadoop alone will be used to process more than half of world’s big data across organisations and business worldwide in the coming future.

Role of Big Data

Big Data is analysed in order to discover the hidden patterns, insights and other correlations. These discoveries and findings can help the businesses find out the relevant consumer segments, market trends and much more. Other benefits of big data analytics include:

● Reduction in cost
● Faster and better decision-making
● Launching of new services or products

The combination of Big Data and Hadoop

Humankind is producing data more than ever before, and the advent of new devices (including smartphones), technologies and communication channels (like the social media websites) is to be prized for it. Estimates say that 90 percent of digital data was generated in the past few years only, and the growth rate is phenomenal. Hence Big Data is today a complete subject in itself, and various frameworks, techniques, tools and certification courses are helping IT professionals learn more about it.

The Hadoop data administration framework was conceived in the year 2005. It can run the various applications by using the MapReduce framework and algorithms. The data is processed simultaneously on many different CPU nodes. As many different computer clusters participate in the processing of data, a large amount of data can be statistically read and used in a short span of time. Hadoop hence reduces the cost, and as it is well written in Java, it is very simple towards usage.

IT professionals can leverage the open source framework to analyse Big Data. It not just offers a cost-effective model for data analysis but also works easily to deliver you accurate results in a short span of time.

Career opportunities

A Forbes report in the year 2015 revealed that more than 90 percent of the global businesses have invested towards the analytics related to big data. Around two-third of these companies reported that the investment was able to generate greater revenues and had best ROI. The rate at which the Hadoop certification job opportunities are increasing is estimated to be around 12 to 15 percent. The jobs are:

● Data scientist
● Big data visualise
● Big data research analyst
● Big data engineer
● Big data architect

There are also jobs specific to the Hadoop certification, and these include:

●Hadoop developer
● Hadoop architect
● Hadoop tester
● Hadoop administrator
● Big data analyst

A Hadoop certification today can easily earn you an annual salary of $80,000 or even above. Big Data analytics is beneficial for companies across spectrums. Business segments and healthcare, finance, insurance are only a few sectors that need the Hadoop certification holders badly. Big Data analytics job market will reach the figure of $13.9 billion by early 2018, and Hadoop professionals will be its great beneficiaries.

Top companies using Hadoop technology

Hadoop was initially used only by Yahoo and Google. But later, more and more companies came to know how cost-effective and perfect the architecture and framework is and started to use it towards their own data analytics programs. A business needs to manage huge amounts of data, which they use towards increasing their revenues and efficiency, among other requirements. The well-known companies that today use Hadoop actively are:

● Amazon web services
● Hortonworks
● Intel
● Microsoft
● Teradata
● Pivotal Software
●Map R Technologies

It is quite obvious that the importance of Hadoop administration is only going to increase in future. Therefore, a proper training on Hadoop imparts you adequate skills and knowledge to take on the job responsibilities related to the handling of big data, with ease and expertise.


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