Five amazing things that can be made with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi3


Raspberry Pi is a small and affordable computer yet an amazingly powerful hardware. Founded in February 2012, the single-board hardware encourages the study of computer science in schools already surpassed the sales mark of 10 million units.

While Raspberry Pi is able to do most of the computing activities that people want from their computer, we are here highlighting five things you can make with Raspberry Pi to deliver a mesmerising experience.

Innovations using Raspberry Pi

Gaming console

With the help of Raspberry Pi, you can build your own Raspberry Pi-driven retro game console — reminiscing all your old school games. You can also choose the shape and design of your console. Moreover, you can get a 3D printed case to make it look like a classic Nintendo.

Internet radio

With the help of Raspberry Pi, you can stream through various popular radio stations and podcasts like Spotify, Google Music and Pandora. If you put in some more efforts, you can build your own touch screen capable jukebox to play music playlists. Also, you can add more tweaks and convert into something modern and sharp. The variations are limitless and that is the beauty of Raspberry Pi.

Home surveillance system

Raspberry Pi is a pocket-sized computer which you can take virtually anywhere. Because of its portability, it can be used in a small garage, or at the front door or maybe your own room as a home security system. You can also build multiple camera systems with the help of Raspberry Pi to set up a full house security system. A cheap surveillance system with motion sensors to keep an eye all around your house. Isn’t it amazing?

Completely portable, digital ebook library

Raspberry Pi can be used to create your own mobile digital ebook library which you can carry anywhere and even share with others. Furthermore, your portable Raspberry Pi can be turned into a Wi-Fi hotspot so that others can connect to your Pi and access your library and even share the ebooks they love on your Pi.

Weather station

With the help of Raspberry Pi you can make your own weather station so that you can measure precise temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and a future weather forecast also. You can make your weather station project more flexible and appealing by adding a few extra components.

Today, the Raspberry Pi is much more than just a cheap, tiny board running Linux.



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