Haptik open sources its AI assistant technology



Haptik, the Indian company behind an artificial intelligence-based personal assistant, has open sourced its proprietary technology called Named Entity Recognition (NER) system. The Mumbai-based company is aiming to help developers with the open source release.

NER system enables apps to understand textual datasets. The technology is commonly used by news apps, ad-tech, social media sites, search engines and analytical platforms. Haptik was the first company to use the technology in the chatbots domain.

According to an ET report, CEO Akrit Vaish wants to contribute to the growth of chatbot development and bring overall paradigm shift. The Haptik team believes that the open source development plays a key role in the evolution of any platform.

Developers can use the chatbot NER published by Haptik to build the intelligent chatbots. The NER system contains predefined entities like city, time and date, restaurant names and cuisines. Developers can use these entities out of the box to build apps in insurance, healthcare, e-commerce and personal assistant domains.

A GitHub repository has been created to let you access the NER code. The repository also includes a detailed documentation to support future developments.


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