Mozilla updates Firefox with multiple processes support



Mozilla has brought Firefox 54 as the new version of its popular open source browser. The latest version is pronounced to be the fastest web browser by the company — capable of handling multiple processes simultaneously.

Firefox 54 is based on a new project called Electrolysis (E10s) that has been designed by Mozilla developers to add support for multiple processes. Earlier, Firefox used a single process to run multiple tabs at the same time. This approach resulted in a slower loading of other open tabs if one particular tab has a complex webpage with animation in it.

With the complexity of websites increasing every day, Mozilla’s addition of multiple process technology is built to improve the loading speed heavily. The technology splits the workload into four separate processes from all running web page content across all tabs.

“Firefox 54 with E10s makes sites run much better on all computers, especially on computers with less memory. Firefox aims to strike the ‘just right’ balance between speed and memory usage,” said Nick Nguyen, VP of Products, Mozilla.

Through the E10s integration, you can expect new versions of Firefox running faster and crashing much lesser as compared to previous versions. The latest Firefox makes much greater use of available hardware. Moreover, the technology can strike a balance between resource usage and speed by limiting the number of independent processes.

New features at a faster pace

Alongside the multiple processes support, Mozilla has implemented a shorter pipeline for future upgrades.

Previously, Mozilla had four stages for releasing a new version in the pipeline, but that count has now been brought down to three. This will help in accelerating the pace at which Mozilla introduces new features to the browser.


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