Parrot Security OS to switch from Debian to Devuan

Parrot OS Debian to Devuan


The team behind Parrot Security OS is considering to switch from Debian GNU/Linux to Devuan as the base platform. The new development is expected get into reality in the next release.

Parrot Security developers have announced the plans to use Devuan through its official Twitter account. “Our release team is evaluating a possible migration of our project from Debian to Devuan,” the team tweets.

The Parrot team has been testing the upcoming releases on cluster and similar mission-critical infrastructures but encountered problems due to Debian base. In a reply to a user, the group highlights that it is planning to switch due to the systemd init system.

Although systemd works just fine in standard cases and standard hardware, Parrot Security OS has been generating problems on different infrastructure and hardware.

Devuan is more open in nature compared to Debian and is openly used and modified by users and OS integrators. Therefore, Parrot Security OS implementing with Devuan would bring some positive results over time.


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