Krita v3.2 first beta release is out with new features

Krita app updates with GIMP improvements


Krita, the popular open source digital painting tool, has initiated the development of its version 3.2. The first beta milestone released for the Krita 3.2 comes with a number of new features and improvements.

“Compared to Krita 3.1.4, released 26th of May, there are numerous bug fixes and some very cool new features,” the Krita team writes in a blog post.

In the list of interesting features that debut with Krita v3.2, you will find the gmic-qt plugin on top. This new addition replaces the existing G’MIC plugin. The Krita team is additionally in development to build binary G’Mic builds for Windows, OS X and most of Linux versions.

Tools to enhance your drawings

The new Krita version includes a Radian brush set that offers a strong look. There is also a Smart Patch tool that has been back ported from Krita 4.0 pre-Alpha build.

Additionally, you can use the new Gaussian Blur filter that kernels up to 1,000 pixels in diameter. The clone brush has also been uplifted to let you paint on the screen using your finger. Notably, Krita was already supporting touchscreen display panels that will now be leveraged even through the improved clone brush.

In terms of interface tweaks, you can find new shortcuts to easily change the visibility and lock layer. There is also a new dialog that makes it easier to copy and paste information about bug reports.

The official announcement by the Krita team urges users to test the beta release. This will help developers fix the reported bugs before the final release.

Ubuntu users can download the latest Krita app from Ubuntu App Store. A Snap package for Krita 3.2 first beta is also published on the official website. Besides, the project has published the source tarball which can be compiled to customise its presence for your distribution.


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