In what ways DevOps certification training will benefit you



The integrated combination of development and operations in an IT firm, in short, known as DevOps, is a system where the engineers from the two departments work together with the aim of delivering DevOps support. The support that they provide ranges from design to development to implementation.

Training and certification

The demand for DevOps personnel has been on a steady rise in the IT Industry in the recent years. It has brought forward quite a few benefits to the companies.

The DevOps certification is threefold –

•Certified agile process owner
•Certified agile service manager

Benefits of DevOps certification

DevOps, if implemented properly, will transform your software engineering process into a value added service for you, your employees and the customers and yield the following benefits.

Increases quality of service

The quality of service highly depends on the availability of a service in the absence of error and the ability to correct the error and bring it back to the error-free state. Since DevOps help in quick feedback and higher velocity release, the MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) is shortened, and the deficiencies are removed quicker than before.

Enhances reliability of service

The timeliness is of great essence to the satisfaction of the internal as well as the external customers. Fast and reliable results keep the company going in the fast changing trends of the business world today. With DevOps, the big projects are segregated into sections and are delivered separately.

Brings better customer satisfaction

To stay in the competitive business world, it is quite necessary to adapt to the changes in the technology, be competitive and stay up to date with the advancements in the technology. You need to be responsive to the changes and be ready to act as and when the trends change.

Develops expanded usability

When the release cycle is shorter, the feedback cycle tends to be shorter. The timely updates that your customers receive will help you in measuring their level and satisfaction, and as they say ‘a happy customer makes for a happy business’. The feedbacks and customer satisfaction helps you in testing and validating your product with different customer groups and gathering the impact it has on each group.

Adds efficiency to operations

Agile and DevOps are built on the lean principles that help in reducing waste of time, and cost by increasing agility of the production and thereby reducing the overhead costs that keep mounting on due to slow processes.

Reduces bottlenecks

When the departments are merged to form one single department, both the sides learn the trade of the other — thereby understanding the pros and cons of the other department. The DevOps system enables the staff to understand the whole operation and know where to make the necessary changes. Bottlenecks can be removed if the staff does not have to wait for a specialised individual and are able to complete the work with the knowledge they have acquired through this integrated system.

Increases customer satisfaction through value creation

In an IT company, the task of a developer and that of the operations is fixed, and the customer cannot measure the value each of the department has created, as they are all a small segment of the big organisation. But, with agile DevOps teams, the customers can feel the value and also measure it.

Collaborates with developers and operation managers to improve employee attitude

DevOps encourages collaboration among the development and Operations teams, where initially it was that the development team would create the codes, hand them over to the operations to process and move on to the next project. But now both the teams understand each other’s roles and work in a better environment, free of office politics and the usual blame games. This ultimately helps in the increased employee satisfaction.

Reinvigorates your employees

DevOps certification training not only brings in the new technical practices, but it also helps in learning new things on a daily basis. It gives the much-needed shake in the working life of the employees. With new offices (combined offices rather than separate ones for each department), new people interact and learn from, and maybe add a new way to carry on the task that was being performed in the traditional way, DevOps is like a breath of fresh air in the IT industry.


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