Gemalto builds data protection solutions to secure cloud operations


Gemalto data protection solutions

Gemalto, a global security company that is well-known as the world’s largest SIM card manufacturer, has developed its data encryption and key management solutions for customers on VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Called SafeNet, the new security package simplifies operations such as data visibility, compliance auditing and policy execution and enforcement.

“With Gemalto, VMware Cloud on AWS customers have one data protection solution making it easier to monitor and track all of their activities,” said Todd Moore, senior vice president of encrypted products, Gemalto.

The list of data security solutions launched by Gemalto includes SafeNet KeySecure, ProtectV, ProtectApp, ProtectFile and Tokenisation among others. These offerings can enhance cloud security by letting customers store and manage keys in central appliances and provide controls to make the experience even secure and safe. Also, the solutions enabling controlling encryption keys and data for organisations as well as give access to administrators to manage keys, permissions and policies centrally.

“Solutions such as SafeNet KeySecure and connectors enable IT teams to reduce cost, increase efficiency and create operational consistency across cloud environments,” said Mark Lohmeyer, vice president of products for the cloud platform business unit, VMware.

Gemalto claims that the technology behind its SafeNet solutions can work across multiple cloud service providers along with not just simplifying but also streamlining multi-cloud security policies for internal audits and industry mandates. To achieve mass adoption, the Amsterdam, Netherlands-based company has already integrated the portfolio with over 400 environments.

“Our current marketing strategy is an ecosystem or partner driven approach,” says Rana Gupta, vice president of APAC sales — identity and data protection, Gemalto. “The development is compelling to building long-term and rewarding relationships with our customers and these experiences by our customers encourage our partners to recommend our solution for any enterprise data protection requirements that come their way.”

Open source compatibility

Gemalto has designed the data protection solutions in a way so that they can easily be integrated with open source projects such as Cloud Foundry. The development also works with emerging technologies such as microservices, containers and identity management services.

“Overall, our SafeNet data encryption and key management solutions help organisations protect their data in the cloud, applications, data centres, networks and virtual environments,” Gupta told Open Source For You.

It is worth noting that enterprises can deploy SafeNet KeySecure to manage keys for Gemalto’s data protection connectors or any third-party security solutions, irrespective of their underlying platform. Furthermore, the company is working with teams at Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft’s Azure to expand its data protection solutions.


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