F# functional programming debuts on ASP.Net Core through Giraffe

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F# functional programming on ASP.Net Core

Micro web framework Giraffe has brought F# functional-style programming to ASP.Net Core. The latest development also includes interesting features like higher-order functions that were highly anticipated for on ASP.Net Core in the past.

Giraffe offers a different technical philosophy that uses F# features like F# types, higher order functions and partial application of arguments. ASP.Net developers will be heavily benefitted by using the framework as it enables the development of web API routes in a functional style. Furthermore, F# is already supported in ASP.Net Core MVC.

Developers need to plug Giraffe into ASP.Net Core pipeline using a middleware. Microsoft has published a detailed guide to help you use Giraffe to build a web service with F# and .Net Core 2.0 development platform. You might encounter some bugs since the framework is currently available in a beta stage. Having said that, the Giraffe team is in development to improve the routing model for the framework.

Giraffe is known for its capabilities to build rich web applications that are based on advanced F# features. Notably, the core Giraffe is built on top of ASP.Net.

Microsoft maintains the F# as the open source functional-first language. The language is designed to address complex computing problems using a simple code


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