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Mozilla pays half a million to open source projects



Mozilla has announced that it has paid a total of US$539,000 on account of supporting open source projects. The company runs the Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) programme to continue supporting open source developments around the globe.

“At Mozilla, we were born out of, and remain a part of, the open source and free software movement. Through the Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) programme, we recognise, celebrate and support open source projects that contribute to our work and to the health of the Internet,” says Gervase Markham, policy engineer, Mozilla Corporation, in a blog post.

Amongst other major open source projects, Mozilla awarded the biggest amount of US$194,000 to Ushahidi, which is an open source software platform for crowdsourcing, monitoring, visualising and responding to reports from people suffered from political turmoil and subject to governmental or vigilante abuse. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company also supported projects like WebAssembly backer Webpack, email security platform RiseUp, HTML5 game engine Phaser and Apache module Mod_md.

Last month, Mozilla launched its ‘Global Mission Partners: India’ to fund Indian open source projects for as high as Rs. 1 crore. The company also ran several audits on codebases of open source developments such as expat (an XML parser), GNU libmicrohttpd (an embedded HTTP server) through the Secure Open Source arm of MOSS.


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