MS eyeing to become the go-to cloud provider for enterprise developers

microsoft azure

At Connect 2017, Microsoft introduced a preview version of its new Azure Databricks service, a big data analytics platform based on Apache Spark. It was at Connect 2014 that Microsoft pledged to open-source .NET Core and at Connect 2016 it announced that it had joined the Linux

Microsoft is implementing Azure Databricks because it combines the best of Databricks and Azure to help customers accelerate innovation with one-click set up, streamlined workflows and an interactive workspace. Appealing to developers who have settled on the Apache Cassandra database for their big data projects, Microsoft released a preview (application programming interface) API that will allow them to seamlessly target Cosmos DB.

Cassandra is an open-source distributed database management system that can be deployed on commodity servers. The new API will allow developers to reuse their existing code and use the globally-distributed Cosmos DB NoSQL service as the basis for “Cassandra-as-a-service” implementations.  Read more…


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