Avast announces it’s contribution to Open source Community

open source

As part of a contribution to Open Source Community,  Avast announces release of the code for its machine-code decompiler on GitHub. Called “RetDec,” it was initially developed by AVG in 2011. Post buying of AVG, Avast took charge in 2016.

The motive of open sourcing RetDec is to provide a generic tool to transform platform-specific code. Codes of x86/PE executable files, into a higher form of representation, such as C source code.

At Avast, RetDec is actively used for analysis of malicious samples for various platforms, such as x86/PE and ARM/ELF.

According to the company source code of the decompiler and other related tools is now available on GitHub under the MIT license. By open-sourcing the decompiler, its use will get widespread and invite others to cooperate with Avast on its continued development.     Read more…


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