Rook Provides the Benefits of Cloud Infrastructures


Rook, the open source project initiated by Quantum Corp. has gained significant support in the developer community since its launch. It continues to deliver against significant key enterprise feature requirements as the project progresses. It provides the benefits of cloud infrastructures to not only public cloud but also on-premise environments, including the ability to flexibly allocate object, block and — in the future — file storage to different application and business units.

The Rook project has been developed to enable organizations to modernize their data centers with dynamic application orchestration for distributed storage systems running in on-premise, cloud-native environments.

Rook is in the top 0.2 percent of the most popular projects on GitHub, with more than 1,750 stars. It has over 40 contributors with more than 600,000 container downloads. Designed for Kubernetes and other evolving cloud-native environments, it leverages extension points and provides a seamless experience for scheduling, lifecycle management, resource management, security, monitoring and user experience.

A beta version of Rook (release 0.7) will be available this month, followed by a production-ready version in early 2018.  Read more..



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