New Android app ‘Haven’ announced

Android app development
The latest android app announced by Snowden, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and the Guardian is called ‘Haven’. This prevents malicious people from snooping through laptop or other belongings in the absence of the owner.
Actually ‘Haven’ is an app that lets you spy back on the spies. Available in beta, the open source software turns the many sensors found in a typical smartphone into a security system that “watches” its surroundings and lets the phone’s owner know when someone has gained unauthorized access to that person’s possessions.
‘Haven’ is designed for journalists, human rights activists, and professionals who are concerned about protecting their personal devices from intrusion. The Android app not only detects unwanted visitors but notifies the phone’s owner with text alerts and encrypted records of everything the device’s sensors have logged.
After installation, ‘Haven’ uses all of the device’s built-in sensors to detect any changes in the surroundings, whether that’s a light being turned on or off, the sounds of someone entering the room, or an intruder passing in front of the phone’s camera. When any such activity is detected, the app instantly sends a text notification to the owner’s main phone. The owner can then use Signal or the Tor onion service to securely and remotely access all of the Haven surveillance data stored on the phone.   Read more…



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