Mapzen users can still avail open source data


Mapzen, a GIS company is nearing it’s  last days. But there is a good news for it’s avid users. The company is continuing with the availability of the open source data and code to the users.

Users will be able to run the projects they built using Mapzen tools, as well as some of the company’s tools. Until February 1, 2018 when the company will shut down its APIs and support, users are free to grab all that they require from their open source data.

The extraction contains a huge stash of GIS data to help civic hackers, data analysts, citizens, and other users create maps, do research and learn about cities.

In a blog, the company shared that their users will not be charged for API usage in December/January. They regretted the inconvenience caused but also provided a migration guide to similar services for their developer community.

Mapzen is busy as it prepares for closure. As it closes, one piece of Mapzen’s legacy will be its efforts in improving access to elevation data. The elevation data fed into Mapzen’s routing engine, which meant that routes could take elevation into consideration — something particularly important for bicyclists, pedestrians and people with disabilities.   Read more…


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