General availability of Azure for Go SDK announced


Microsoft has announced the general availability (GA) of an Azure Software Development Kit (SDK) for Go, which is an open source programming language developed by Google. Go was deemed the “fastest growing language on GitHub in 2017,” according to the blog post by Josh Gavant Senior Program Manager, Azure Developer Experience.

The Azure SDK for Go can be used to build Azure-based cloud applications. Developers can tap Azure resources such as Azure Blob Storage, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Active Directory, and database management systems such as, Cosmos DB, Azure DB for PostgreSQL and more.

The Azure SDK features support for connecting to data sources including Cosmos DB and Azure Storage, deploying Azure resources programmatically, authenticating users, and much more. Alongside the SDK update, Microsoft is also making the Azure Go Dev Center available on their docs.

The blog shared that this announcement reinforces Microsoft’s commitment to build an open cloud, supporting open source technologies such as Go and enabling their customers to innovate faster, using the tools they prefer.

Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure increase that efficiency by managing infrastructure and platforms on behalf of developers. Go also increases both developer and software efficiency through clear syntax, modern standard libraries, native compilation, and reliable concurrency primitives. By expanding Azure’s support for Go the company hopes to enable customers to capitalize on both simultaneously.

Several popular cloud management projects already use the SDK to integrate with Azure, including Kubernetes, Terraform, and the Open Service Broker for Azure. Azure SDK for Go will enable user authentication and other services using Azure Active Directory identities and Key Vault secrets.


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