Open source CRM reaches new height

SuiteCRM was created after SugarCRM stopped its open source development of the product. It was first released in October 2013 as version 7.00. Today the release of SuiteCRM 7.10 comes with a series of enhancements.
As SalesAgility announces the release of the latest version of SuiteCRM, Dale Murray, CEO of SalesAgility shared, “The hard work of the SalesAgility team and all the contributions of the community have made this release really exciting. The list of new features and enhancements show that SuiteCRM is on track to become the world’s most adopted CRM.”
The SuiteCRM is a fully featured, highly flexible, open source CRM, which can be installed on-premise or in the cloud, and allows companies and organisations to have full control over their own customer data.
SuiteCRM 7.10 includes a long list of enhancements, improving user experience, adding new functionality and providing a new REST API. This edition of SuiteCRM also assists companies to be ready for GDPR, including opt-in functionality to track the consent of individuals.
There are fixes to email functionality and integration with Fail2ban logging. Fail2Ban scans logs files and bans IP addresses that have multiple failed access attempts. It is another open source project. SuiteCRM 7.10 also comes with a new suite of unit tests for developers as well as several fixed to bugs.
SuiteCRM is an enterprise-ready CRM, and can be downloaded from website. Users can get free support from the online forum and access to the extensive documentation.   Read more…


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