CRYPTO.VALLEY, a Blockchain powered virtual city

MARK.SPACE has launched CRYPTO.VALLEY, a new virtual infrastructure project. In its fully functional form, CRYPTO.VALLEY will be a virtual city completely compatible with the 3D and VR technologies. This will act as an interactive hub of information for the crypto enthusiasts.
MARK.SPACE was unveiled recently as a 3D and VR open source platform, leveraging the power of blockchain technology to deliver a user-friendly tool for the creation and implementation of all types of VR/3D projects. Today launch of CRYPTO.VALLEY promises to be a cynosure of the global crypto community as an interactive and informational pool.
All projects on this unique ecosystem can be accessed through any web-browser, and without using any specialised VR equipment. It is noteworthy that to create VR-compatible web-spaces you don’t need to have any level of understanding of programming.
With its four thematic districts, viz. shopping, business, residential, and community, MARK.SPACE creates an opportunity for the users to visit virtualized copies of actual locations such as apartments, offices, fan clubs, and fashion boutiques. Business owners and freelancers will be able to utilize this platform to generate an income stream and turn virtual services into sold goods.
This project will be a key component of the MARK.SPACE ecosystem, offering a virtually rendered platform for socioeconomic interactions. The creators expect it to be a hit amongst the global crypto community including the blockchain developers, crypto-exchanges, foundations and associations, protocols, mining equipment manufacturers, advisors and experts, crypto-bloggers, and gadget showrooms.
The MARK.SPACE team, for the ease of understanding, refers to CRYPTO.VALLEY as a “3D and VR-compatible Reddit, BitcoinTalk, KickStarter or Crypto Wikipedia”. The MARK.SPACE team is confident that their latest venture will immensely benefit the crypto or blockchain projects, crypto-banks, VCs, crypto funds, and all other crypto enthusiasts.


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