Chatbot DIA – Google Assistant Interactive Solution to Insurance Queries


DIA, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot service of HDFC ERGO, will now be at your service on Google Home. You can reach out to the service through the Google Assistant.

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company launched its AI enabled Chatbot ‘DIA’ on Google Assistant.  DIA will now be accessible 24/7 to a wider audience providing instant solutions to their queries related to general insurance. It can be accessed with mobile devices in which the Google Assistant application is installed.  

Post the successful launch of DIA on Amazon Alexa, this new development by HDFC ERGO will offer customers a more intuitive way to interact with the company. Since the beginning of the year, the usage of Google Assistant has tripled in the country, Therefore the company decided to spread its wings wide and reach out to the consumers to demystify general insurance by a simple voice command – “Ok Google, Talk to HDFC ERGO.”

Mr. Ritesh Kumar, MD & CEO, HDFC ERGO general insurance company stated that the integration of DIA with Google Assistant is a step to reach out to the large and wide spread audience who have mobile devices and engage with them to provide a 24/7 support for all their general insurance related queries.

To get access to instant response

Customers using Google Home or any mobile device, with Google Assistant, can get access to enable the services from HDFC ERGO. The primary mode of interaction will be through voice, but input through the devices keyboard is also supported on the Assistant. Then the Google Home device searches the internet for the information requested, through the Assistant.

To enable this, You must enable or install Google Assistant on their mobile phones. DIA will be available at your service on calling out the phrase “Ok Google, Talk to HDFC ERGO” or simply typing “Talk to HDFC ERGO”.

Guide the customers on queries

Customers can easily use DIA to locate the nearest network hospital, network garage or HDFC ERGO branches, understand the products offered by the Company and also get answers to various queries related to general insurance. It will also guide the customers on queries like “How long does it take to process claims?” or “How can I renew my policy?” or even get a response to complex questions on topic like Salvage, No Claim Bonus etc.


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